Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

I love Christmas Eve. I think I like it even more than Christmas. The final preparations, the wrapping, the anticipation. I love it all. I've just finished the wrapping and I had tea this morning with my mamas, groceries are bought (not by me) and everything seems in order. So, I'm going to go poke around some stores. I know that sounds like the most insane idea ever, but I'm going by myself which is a bit of a treat.

Later this afternoon there will be cookie making for Santa Clause. Kate is very excited about the whole thing - although mostly the presents - which I only just explained to her today. Tomorrow will be super fun.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Random things

When I don't post in awhile, it gets harder to post because where do I start? I will start with a random list, rather than trying to tie it all together.

1. We aren't really doing the 25 days of Christmas thing, because Kate just doesn't care about opening an envelope every day to find a new activity. We are still doing fun holiday related things, just not on a one-envelope-a-day schedule. We'll do it next year when I'm sure she'll love it.

2. Last weekend we went and cut a Christmas tree. It was fantastic and will be our new family tradition.

3. Yesterday, Kate's preschool co-op did a Christmas concert. Imagine 15 two-year olds singing with actions. It was awesome. Our child was the epitome of the rule following girl. Video coming soon.

4. Christmas baking is in full swing. Freezer is filling up with squares and cookies. I only have three more things to make to round out a selection of eleven different baked goods. Brownies, ginger snaps and lemon square, oh my!

5. Baby number two is doing great. Midwife appointments are now every two weeks and I'm kind of freaked out that we're already at 31 weeks. Kate was born at just over 36. Yikes. But, I feel great and everything is going well.

6. I started taking real drugs for the heartburn. Totally changed my world.

7. Kate is having language explosions. She uses words like frustrated, actually and uncomfortable. Just out of the blue and uses them correctly. And she can type her name without help. She loves spelling out words on signs and then asking what it says.

8. On track for Christmas presents - even the knitted ones. I feel very on top of things, which means disaster is just around the corner, right?

9. There were flames in the oven yesterday. Maybe that can count as the disaster.

10. Tenure became official this week. Woohoo!

Ten seems like the right number for a list, right? Let's say yes.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Off we go!

Kate and I are heading to Ontario in the morning for a week at my sister's house. Yay! I'm super excited and will have trouble falling asleep, I'm sure. I didn't think I was going to be able to visit before the baby comes, but my dad is treating us to tickets through his frequent flier program. Hooray for dads!

We have lots of fun things planned. I will take pictures, but I'm not taking my computer, so I don't know when I'll get any posted. Maybe we'll just post them through Karen's blog. Go over there to see what we're up to.