Friday, November 30, 2007

Success #2

I got my Texas driver's licence today. Well, I have the temporary one and the real one will come in 2 or 3 weeks. It took two tries to get it. This morning I loaded up Kate in the stroller, we dropped Westley off at Chui's (his best friend) house and headed downtown. It was about an hour's walk to the office. There was only a very brief wait and then I laid out all my carefully checked documents. The lady told me I was missing one - proof of vehicle registration. I had proof of insurance, but not registration. I needed both. I told the woman that I had walked and that I didn't have my car with me, so I couldn't just go grab the registration. She was insistent that I needed it. Sigh.

We walked the hour back home (with a stop on campus to see Graeme) had lunch and then loaded into the car and headed back down there. Once again, no wait and this time I had everything in order. At least it's finally done. Only three years late, but done.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Success #1

Today Kate and I went to the Social Security office to get a replacement card for me. I need one because my New Mexico driver's licence is going to expire in less than a month and you need proof of a SSN to get a Texas licence. So, off we went armed with tales of three hour waits. Knowing we could be there awhile, I was ready. I had water and snacks for me, toys, clothes and diapers for Kate, and my knitting. Kate nursed when we got there, then was fussy for awhile until she fell asleep. It was then that the miraculous occurred. She stayed asleep when I transferred her to her car seat. I was able to knit while she slept. Knitting, it turns out, is the perfect activity for waiting. It's better than reading, since there was lots of noise and conversations around which would be a distraction from reading. The wait ended up being 1.5 hours, which if you're ready for 3, isn't so bad.

Next: driver's licence office.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Something new every day

Kate seems to be changing daily. As if overnight she figures some stuff out. A few days ago it seemed like she might be starting to reach for things. Suddenly today she was playing with a toy that I put in her lap. Moving it around, putting it in her mouth and definitely reaching for it when I put it back after it fell.

She has been in an amazing mood today. Cooing, smiling, watching. She is focusing and has started the soul penetrating stare that I remember Emily having. It's amazing.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Weekend photos

I guess they aren't really weekend photos, since they are from Friday. Thursday was American Thanksgiving. I really love thanksgiving, and it is even more of a family holiday here than in Canada. It seems like everyone loves Turkey Day, and there is a definitely spirit of celebration in the air. People are generous and happy, or so it seems. We went to Howard and Laura Sue's house and celebrated with a great meal and football. We watch football once a year, on Thanksgiving. Well, twice actually, because we watch on both Thursday and Friday. On Friday we went to Sheryl and Jonathan's to watch the UT game and eat leftovers. Yum.

And we still have two more days of the weekend. Yay!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Three months

Sorry, no pictures yet. I haven't taken any photos for a few days, and Kate is currently sleeping. Tomorrow is her second thanksgiving and we'll be sure to get some pictures.

Everyone said that around three months it starts to get more fun. So far, two days into it, I think I have to agree. It seems as though she is changing and learning new things every day. She is more vocal, cooing and making new noises and she's smiling more and more. She loves to kick around with out a diaper every time we change her and kissing her bare belly will earn a smile every time.

She is enjoying her play mat and spends some time there every morning. Mornings are definitely her happy time. After a good night of sleep, she is in a good mood and all smiles. She continues to get chubbier, if that's at all possible. She's been wearing 3-6 month clothes for a month already, and a few of those are starting to get too small. I'm guessing she'll be taller than me by the time she's 9. Anyone want to place bets?

She is sleeping through the night, from about 9:30 or 10 (better than midnight!) until about 6 or 7. She nurses and then goes back to sleep for 2 or 3 hours. I know this great sleeping pattern will go in the shitter as soon as teething starts, but right now I love it.

Kate is a very sweet, cuddly baby who is a total mummy's girl. She has a definite preference for me, which is frustrating for both Graeme and me. I know she'll have daddy phases, but it would be nice if she were happy or would calm down with him.

So, photos tomorrow after the turkey gorging.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Westley update

When Westley hurt his back six weeks ago, I never posted an update that he was fine and people were concerned that he was still suffering. Rest assured, he's totally fine. Both his back, which healed up in just a few days, and his foot which he is still licking quite a bit but isn't slowing him down at all. We took him to the dog park on Sunday (Only short walks! No romping or running! On leash!) and he ran and swam and played. He did have a slight limp by the end, but otherwise you never would have guessed that there was anything wrong.

Good Baboo. Now stay healthy and uninjured for awhile, k?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

We love fat babies

More proof of the pudge:

I took a knitting class a month or so ago. Here is my first hat, and first project with knitting in the round:

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Kate and family

I'm a bit behind on posting some photos of Kate with various family members. This is the first installment.

Kate and her Grandpa, from the visit to Toronto:

Kate and her Aunt Jill. Unfortunately, it's not the most flattering picture of Jill. Jill had a method of swinging Kate that would calm her nearly instantly. Although, even just a cuddle and walking around with Jill seemed to work. Jill has a bit of baby whisperer in her, apparently.

Kate and her Uncle Jonathan. It took until the second last day of their visit for Jonathan to pick her up. She really liked him.

And finally, Kate and me, from the wedding weekend. Marlene informed me that people want to see pictures of the two of us, not just Kate. I think you mostly want to see Kate, but whatever. Here we are.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Westley update

Westley is feeling much better this morning. He was even begging to go for a walk, although he ended up moving pretty slow by the end. He's limping a bit, but I think that is because of the bandages. They will come off this evening and we'll see how the foot looks under there. The side effects of the sedation have ended, thank god. An incessantly whining dog at the same time as a crying baby is enough to drive anyone to tears. Or neglect. You choose.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Poor Baboo, Part 2

It's been a rough 6 weeks for Westley. He recovered very quickly from his sprained back and was doing really great. Then on Saturday, he tore a claw so that it was seperated down it's length, exposing the quick. It bled quite a bit, and was very sore. I took him to the vet today where they sedated him and then removed it. It will slowly grow back and should be fine.

He's in quite a bit of pain now, wandering the house and whining, and not quite recovered from the drugs. He won't lay down though, and is pacing the house. Poor Baboo.

Monday, November 12, 2007

12 weeks

Kate has had a bit of a growth spurt this past week. Observe:

Serious pudge. She's also gotten longer though, which is equally amazing to me. We don't have a scale to find out how much she weighs, but trust me that when you are walking around with her for any length of time that your arms feel like they are going to drop off.

She's getting smiley, which we totally love. And stronger - she holds her head up very well and kicks and wiggles when she's happy. We pulled out the play mat, and she happily lays there and looks at the dangling toys. It's nice, because it give me a few minutes to clean up the kitchen or make some lunch. Or, gasp, shower.

Friday, November 9, 2007

More wedding photos

From Scott's camera.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The wedding

On Sunday we attended a wonderful wedding. Rebecca and I have been friends for 15 years. She lives in Boston, but we chat nearly every day, so that even though I don't see her often, we are always caught up when we do. Rebecca is amazing at staying in touch with people, which was evident by the number of friends that flew from all over the continent, and even from Europe, to be at her wedding.

And it was a super fun wedding. And Rebecca and Jeff were glowingly happy. I love seeing my friends happy.

Of course, most of the photos I took were of my own daughter. It was hard to get photos of the festivities since the flash got lost in the big room. But it was really lovely, and I'm sure lots of other people got good photos. I got good photos of Kate though.

Home safely

We made it home yesterday evening with only minimal meltdowns. Kate, again, did great on the long flight but was fussy for the short hop from Dallas. Graeme had the touch though and calmed her down when she wouldn't even take the boob. We had a super tight connection in Dallas, so our bags didn't make the transfer but they were delivered sometime overnight. The airline loaned us a carseat to come home.

I'll be downloading photos from the camera this afternoon. Expect the usual adorable photos of Kate.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Travel report

Yesterday we flew to Toronto, with two flight legs to get here. We had a quick hop to Dallas before the longer flight to Toronto. Kate was amazing on both flights. On the descent to Dallas she cried a bit as the pressure changed. I tried to nurse her, but she didn't want any. Oh, and we had a total diaper blowout that required a full waredrobe change. It should have required a waredrobe change for me as well, but I hadn't packed a clean pair of pants. That's all I'll say about that.

The flight to Toronto was even better. She only squaked a few times, and we managed the diaper situation much better (the problem on the Dallas flight is that it's so short that you don't get to leave your seat). She slept through the descent without a peep. She then stayed asleep through getting the rental car, being loaded into her carseat and driving to the CN tower to meet some friends who will also be at the wedding today.

And after all of that, she slept for nearly 9 hours straight last night. I expected with the new sleeping arrangments that we woudl have a rough night. She proved me totally wrong.

Now I'm hoping she'll be an angel through the wedding today. I brought my camera but I think I forgot the card reader (I can only manage keeping track of so much, and the amount of stuff we had to bring for four days was crazy. A baby needs a lot of shit. And produces a lot of it too.) Anyway, photos will follow when we get home.