Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is happening 'round these parts

Perhaps you think I had some sort of exam at the midwife by that strange title. Nope, I guess I'm just feeling a bit southern today. We had a lovely thunderstorm this afternoon that gave us real, actual rain. We've had a tiny bit of rain the last two nights, but not enough to even hit the ground underneath the pecan trees. But this afternoon it was real rain for more than half an hour. Now it's crazy humid, so maybe that's where the southern twang came from.

But what is happening around here? I went to prenatal yoga for the first time this pregnancy. I went at least weekly last time and really enjoyed it. Today was great. I was reminded of how lovely it is to be in a room full of pregnant women. I am going to go twice a week. This Thursday morning class is taught by my favourite instructor. Going to this class depends on help from some friends, so I'm really hoping it works out ok for everyone.

We have officially started potty training. Three times this week during her frequent naked time, Kate has declared she has to pee and has run off to her potty and done the deed. I have made no effort so far, but I knew I had to follow her lead. Yesterday I got some M&Ms as bribes and today I bought some big girl panties. (Actually, big boy panties because I refused to buy princess or Dora panties.) So far, we have only had one accident but it followed a very bad head bonk. We were snuggling and she peed on both of us. Oh well, we'll try again tomorrow.

I guess that's the main news. I'm sure there will be exciting pee related updates soon.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


For those not satisfied with just a picture announcement and who want more details, Baby Texan #2 (or Double Trouble as Howard is calling it) is due Feb 21, which puts me at 14 weeks, the start of the second trimester. I feel great. Better than I did when pregnant with Kate, but that might be partly because I'm not riding 30 miles a day to a full time job. I am definitely showing earlier. Looking back at the weekly belly shots, I'd say I'm looking like I did at 19 or 20 weeks, which kind of freaks me out. I'm planning to go get some maternity clothes today because nothing is very comfortable anymore.

I think I felt the baby move yesterday, which would be freakishly early but not unheard of. I felt Kate at 17 weeks which is very early for a first pregnancy. I won't be totally sure until I feel it again, but it is a rather distinctive thing.

We are having our anatomical ultrasound on Sept 30 and will find out boy or girl then. Names haven't even been thought of yet, we'll start talking about it when we know which gender we're getting.

Did I forget anything people want to know?

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, sweet girl

Today you turn two years old. It has been an amazing two years watching you grow up from a tiny baby into an opinionated, joyful, smart toddler. You make us smile and laugh everyday. I have been amazed by you lately as you have suddenly grown up in the last few weeks. You are talking and learning and figuring things out and insisting to do things by yourself. It is so fun to watch you grow up and become a whole little person. And I really like the person you're becoming.

I've said it before, but you are the best thing we've ever done. We love you, sweet pea. Happy birthday.

love Mummy

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bike trip day three

Day 3: Gouda to dordrecht
On the third day we woke up to another sunny day so we put on the sunscreen and headed towards central Gouda.  It was Sunday morning so it was very quiet.  There were other people out on bikes but most of them seemed to be heading for church.

When we got to he central market area it was deserted except for the pigeons which Kate set out to chase.  I am sure the night before the square was lively and full of people since it is ringed by restaurants with outdoor seating.  We ran around for a bit before heading south out of town.

The next 10 or so kilometers were pretty boring, just zig zagging through pasture land so we picked up the pace a bit and sped through. (which does not mean that we didn't stop at the first palce that was selling ice cream.  This is vacation after all.). Pretty soon we got to the ferry to take us across the river to the Kinderdijk, the famous place where 24 windmills stand and still work.  It is a world heritage site and it was really amazing to see.  (It was my first world heritage site, I think.  And I also think visiting all of them would be an amazing bucket list.). We went Inside the one that is open to visitors and we were all really fascinated.   These windmills have been standing there for 240 years.  Through wars and amazing changes in the world .  But they are still here and generations of people make sure that they are all functional (for historic reasons. The pumping is all done with modern pumps now.). Really, it was rather humbling.

From the Kinderdijk we finsihed our ride to Dordrecht and arrived there mid-afternoon.  It was nice to arrive early enough to get cleaned up and then head into town for dinner at a reasonable time.  Dordrecht was really lovely with a huge number of old buildings.  Many of the buildings on the oldest narrow streets are designed with a wedge facade so that the buildings lean into the street a bit.  It is pretty freaky. Unfortunately we didn't get a good photo of it.

We found a tapas reetaurant on th square that looked good and since neither of us had tried it before we got a selection.  We loved it.  Enough to search out another tapas place later in the week.

We all got to bed a bit early and planned for another short riding day for day 4.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bike trip day two

Day 2: Amsterdam to Gouda

Everything looks better in the morning. The night before we were exhausted and had even talked about taking the bikes on the train for part of the trip to Gouda, but after an amazing breakfast at the hotel we set off south out of a-dam.

Once we cleared the suburbs, we were really glad we had gotten on the bikes. The scenery was beautiful. We followed the river amstel which was much less affluent than the vecht. Small houses, lots of farms and houseboats.

We also rode on some very narrow paths and in between canals so that we were surrounded by water, even sometimes below the water level in the canal next to us. It is hard to describe just how much water there was. In the towns it is as though every house is on an island just slightly larger than the house. Essentially, everyone has a moat. There were cows, sheep and horses everywhere. Then we reached the nurseries. Greenhouses and fields growing house and garden plants for the world.

We again got into Gouda pretty late and our hotel was on the edge of town so we decided to eat at the hotel and to explore the town in the morning since we would be biking through on our way to Dordrecht.

Day 3: Gouda to Dordrecht

Where in the world are the Henkelman/Reyburns?

(if you are reading this on facebook, you should go over to the blog ( since that is where the pictures are. And the pictures are really the best part)

Maybe you are wondering if fell off the planet.  Nope, we just fell slightly below sea level.  We are in the midst of our bike trip around holland.  We have been biking for three days and have two more to go. (well, we're done now. but I wrote this a few days ago.)

Day 1:  Utrecht to Amsterdam
We started on Friday morning just outside of Utrecht and headed for Amsterdam.  It was a relatively long day- 60 km, which isn't that far unless you are on very heavy bikes and stop all the time for snacks or to check the map or to have lunch or...  We rode alongside the river Vecht, which is lined by beautiful estates and full of people boating.  It was a lovely ride (until the last 10 or 15 km when we were getting close to a-dam and it got busy and less rural.)

We didn't arrive at our hotel until quite late but we really wanted to go into the city for dinner so we headed in.  We found some Indonesian food and wandered a little bit before Kate started to melt and we had to get her back to the hotel for bed.

We were pretty tired but we also knew that the next few days would be easier as we were figuring out the system of bike routes and wouldn't need to stop so often to check the map.  

Day 2:  Amsterdam to Gouda.