Sunday, July 27, 2008

Heading back to Texas

Hello?  Anybody out there?  Or have you all stopped bothering to check for new posts?   I would understand if you did.

We're in Toronto tonight and tomorrow we'll head for the border and start the long drive back to Texas.  We're planning to do it over a few days this time.  We're starting with a stop before the border, in Fonthill to visit my mum's grave. I haven't been there to see the headstone, and I'm very compelled to stop.  From there we'll head across the border at Buffalo and stop at the Anchor Bar for chicken wings.  Hopefully we'll make it down to West Virginia before stopping for the day.

Regular posting will resume when we are back to Austin.


DrRuth said...

Missed you. Bloglines keeps up with you for us. Soup swap is next weekend...

Erika said...

Still here and checking regularly. There'd better be a TON of pics after so long away (C: Sorry to hear you're not in T.O. tonight - I was going to call. Happy driving!