Monday, February 16, 2009

Ottawa Visit

We had a great time in Ottawa this past week. We had a full week, but I realized that most of my pictures are just from playing at the house and not from our field trips.

But we did go out. Here's what we did:
- Went up the Peace Tower, which is the large clock tower on Parliment Hill. Great views of the city and the river. Gorgeous stone work inside and outside of Parliment. Results in feelings of national pride.
- Went to the Children's Museum inside the Museum of Civilization. Cool building, saw the totem poles in the First Nations Hall which was very impressive. Children's Museum was really cool. Kids loved it.
- Went walking on the canal (I didn't have skates) and ate Beaver Tails. Yum.
- Went out for dim sum. Had shwarma for dinner. Ate Montreal Bagels for breakfast. Cooked yummy meals.
- Karen and I had tea at the Chateau. Without any children. Lovely.
- Tried to feed the chickadees which reportedly will eat out of your hand. Doesn't work with three kids under age 5.

Phew. I'm sure I missed stuff. Because we also had tea parties, made cookies, had bubble baths, played played played, sang songs, danced, stomped in puddles, rode on sleds, did crossword puzzles, and laughed until we cried. A really good week.

A few pictures:


Erika said...

All those cool things to point at! Looks like you both had lots of fun (C:

Brianna said...

That sounds like a lovely week. :)