Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alive, not that you can tell from this blog

All is well here in the Reyburn-Henkelman family, despite the complete lack of updates here on the blog. Graeme's mom arrived today for a visit and Erika was here a week or so ago. So, we've been busy. Let's do updates as a list, shall we? That's always annoying.

- Kate is awesome. She sings all day, loves doing puzzles, reading books, the itsy bitsy spider, the hokey pokey, oranges, noodles, and is a total mama's girl.
- Graeme is travelling a lot between now and the new year. New York this week, France two weeks ago, England in a few weeks, and another one that I can't remember without a calendar. We're not going to make the same mistake as we did at the end of the pregnancy with Kate though - no travelling after mid-January.
- Speaking of the pregnancy, it's going great. He's getting more and more active, but is also putting more and more pressure on various organs. Which means that the heartburn is increasing. Bleh.

I guess that's the Reyburn-Henkelman family. Oh, Westley. He's the same as always - wishing for more walks and more snuggles.

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