Sunday, November 29, 2009

25 days of Christmas

This year, I'm really excited about Christmas, mostly because I know Kate will be excited. To add to the experience, I've decided to do the 25 days of Christmas. Go ahead and click on that, and see what it is, and then come back. Ok, are you back? So, that's my plan for December. And today I realized that December starts on Tuesday! But, I get off the hook a bit, since Kate and I will be spending seven days with my sister and her family (and they are doing the 25 days of Christmas project too). So, I have yet to make my envelopes, but that is on the to-do list. I have started our activity list though. The suggested list I looked at was definitely for older kids and a lot of things wouldn't work for a two year old. So, here is my list so far. I still need seven or eight more things, so if you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments. And consider joining us in the project. I think it's going to be fun.

- see the 37th street lights
- see the Zilker Park lights
- ride the train at the park
- get a Christmas tree
- decorate Christmas tree
- make and decorate sugar cookies
- wrap presents
- buy a present for Daddy
- get photo taken with Santa
- go to the library for Christmas books
- go out for hot chocolate
- luminaria display at the wildflower center


Karen said...

How about write a letter to Santa, decorate a gingerbread house and then easy things like "read a Christmas story" or " watch a Christmas show" (Frosty is only 30 minutes long), and "draw a picture for Oma". Even regular things can be added like "go swimming" or "drink hot chocolate". I try to mix special with simple otherwise I get burned out.

jannie said...

What a great plan. One of our family's favourite activity was to go about an hour's drive north of Toronto to a Xmas tree farm - (BEFORE Graeme's BD on the 10th). And as a family we could choose the 'best' one. Most often there was lots of snow. We brought the saw and ropes to strap it to the roof of the car, and had hot chocolate or apple cider on the farm. The tree had to last until after Jonathan's BD on Jan. 24th. Whatever you do - it will be remembered as special - b/c you did it together each year.

Erika said...

You sure about that photo with Santa? I seem to remember last year's being kinda traumatic (C: