Friday, August 20, 2010

Three years

My baby girl is three years old today. I know all parents say it - but it's amazing how quickly it goes. Three years of this amazing person sharing our lives. It still, after three years, amazes me that we made her. That she once didn't exist. Because she certainly exists now.

She is in the 'I can do it myself' stage. She can talk for days (which she did during our drive to Canada last month). She can write her own name and likes to figure out rhyming words. She loves her brother although she's starting to realize that he will soon be interested in her things and she isn't quite as sure about that. She is funny and smart and caring and stubborn and emotional. Toddlerhood must be very hard. She wants so much to do things herself but she is still so little and needs cuddles and she just can't control the huge emotions she feels.

It's an honour to be her parent. She teaches me things and shows me the world through her amazing eyes.

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jannie said...

She really is a gorgeous child in every way.
How very precious she is. Oma