Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seven months

Owen turned seven months old two days ago, but it took me awhile to get around to writing. Graeme has been away for over a week so my chances to sit and write are very few.

It's been a month of big changes, as all months are at this point. New teeth (he now has four. The first top one came in on the 11th and the second one yesterday. The bottom two arrived four days after he turned five months old.), new sounds, food.

He loves food. He mostly has pureed fruits and veggies but also enjoys Cheerios and small pieces of fruit and meat. He hasn't tried a food that he doesn't like. He eats a lot and enthusiastically. It's very fun. I think it's more fun that when we did it with Kate because the first time we were a bit worried about it. Now it's just fun and no stress at all.

Owen has also started to express frustration and anger if he loses a toy (usually because *someone* takes it). He has developed an intense love of the bath. He is 95% of the time a happy, smiling baby. He makes everyone else smile too. He loves loves loves his sister. She thinks he's ok.


Sheryl said...

OK, I watched that video 3 times! It's too cute. And those chunky legs are great.

Erika said...

Hee hee -- that video looks a lot like his sister's! (except the little penis gives it away!) (C; So cute!

Ama x three said...

What a cutie! He is going to be a go-getter! Kate had better watch out...it's almost payback time!

Jannie Henkelman said...

Oh SSooo totally precious.
He is gorgeous!