Friday, December 3, 2010

25 days of Christmas

We are doing our 25 days of Christmas again this year, and this time Kate is much more excited. She was a bit young last year to really get it. But this year - woo boy - is she into it. We have done the first three days, but I have failed to take photos. I will try to do better.

On Day 1 we made a wreath for her door. I made a wreath out of cardboard during her nap, and then she decorated it. She's still working on it actually, so it hasn't been hung up yet. That will happen tomorrow, I hope.

On Day 2, we went to the library to get some Christmas books. Big hit. We've been reading them constantly. We may need to do that activity again when G and I are totally tired of these ones.

Today, Day 3, we went out for hot chocolate. It was really fun. The girl gave her HEAPS of whipped cream and Kate loved it. She ordered herself and then carried it to the table.

I've started with easy activities to ease into it, but we'll have some bigger events coming up - going to get a tree, a bike ride to see the lights, family movie night. I think I'm having at least as much fun as Kate!

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That sounds like so much fun (C;