Thursday, January 20, 2011

11 months and Six years

Yesterday, Owen turned 11 months old. I totally missed his ten month since it was right before Christmas and all the ensuing craziness. In two months, there have been massive changes, of course. He's high speed crawling, cruising the furniture, making a huge mess, eating most food. He started saying 'uh oh', signing 'all done', having stronger opinions and generally charming the pants off of everyone.

Today is the six year anniversary of my mum's death. She would have rocked grandma-hood. She met Emily, but not her four subsequent grandchildren. She would have loved them all to pieces. Recently, Kate has been asking me to tell me more about my mum. It's great to tell her stories and it makes me happy that Kate will know her through those stories.

Her third and fourth grandchildren:


Erika said...

That's awesome! It's getting filed with my Kate in the bath video (c; Love the toothy happy grin! Yup... you're mom would have loved them to bits!

jannie said...

These are gorgeous; totally amazing pictures.
Oh yes indeed, your mom would have had loads of fun and creative juices gushing from every nook and cranny towards her amazing kids and g'kids. You and Karen will certainly be able to do some of these things 'for' her. Along with photos and stories, the children will come to know their amazing nanna.

Jocelyn said...

Hi Beth.
I'm not sure what to say, except that my eyes are filled with tears for you, your mum, and sweet K&O. I'm so glad you're helping them know her, and that you and Karen are so close to each other and have each other's support.
You're always in our thoughts.