Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Days 3, 4, 5, and 6

Ok, so much for regular posting. But we are having a good time. One tricky thing I didn't anticipate with activities this year is the small window to do them. Kate is at school each morning and then we come home for lunch and Owen's nap. That means that activities must be done at home, or they have to occur between the end of nap and dinner. That is a small, cranky window. So, we've been doing things we can mostly do during nap time. Here's what has we've been doing.

Day 3: Decorated the house. This was mostly me putting stuff up, but Kate and I also went to target for some more lights and garland. She loved picking stuff out and she also got some Christmas specific art supplies. That is all she really wants most of the time - art supplies.

Day 4: It was Sunday and it was cold and raining. So Graeme built a fire in our little wood stove and we roasted marshmallows. Definite win. And I took pictures. Win again. Here they are:

Day 5: Library trip for Christmas books. Win.

Day 6 (today): Mail all the christmas cards. Kate got to put the stamps on, which she liked and then we walked to the post office and she dropped them in the slot. She liked it, but pretty lame activity. We will try for something better tomorrow. I think gingerbread man making.


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