Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Back to the routine

Karen and the girls left yesterday, and since then we've been working on getting back to our routine. The house is very quiet and seems rather empty. I think Kate was wondering today where her cousins went. She was kind of out of sorts. She is back sleeping in her room after the week with us, and that transition went smoothly except for her early (6:30) morning wake up.

Since my laptop is temporarily out of commission, photos will be a bit slow in coming, but I'll try to get some up from the last few days of Karen's visit before the end of the week.

For now, I'm trying to catch up on sleep. Kate figured out pretty quickly that I was in the room with her at night, so we were up very frequently.

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Heather Lee said...

Hey Beth,
I've been lurking on your site for months now... It's where I found out about What's Cooking Wednesday... And Sara has told me all about you guys. I LOVE Kate's rolls!! She and Addison have a similar look. Hope you had a fantastic visit with your sister. I'm so jealous that your veggies are in the garden already! It's so cold here still (4˚ or so at night). Anyway, nice to hear from you!