Monday, October 20, 2008

14 months

Kate turned 14 months old today. I often look at her, still, amazed at what an amazing little person she is and that we made her. WE MADE HER! It is still amazing to me.

She is definitely her own person though and will clearly communicate what she wants whether it be a snack, to walk the circuit or to play with something you have. In the last week, her favourite thing is to walk around and around the loop in the house (living room, Graeme's office, hallway) holding onto someone's fingers. She runs and can do it again and again. She is so interested in walking, although not in letting go. I'm guessing another week or so and she'll be taking a step or two on her own.

She really is amazing.


Erika said...

Look at all those clothes on the Q-T-Pi!!! (must have the AC on or winter be comin') (C:

little b said...

That picture was taken in the Ottawa airport on our way home. It's been t-shirts and pants around here lately.

Brianna said...

Happy 14 mos., Kate!

You're right, it's amazing to watch all these babies become little people. :)