Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hoping for a run of the mill rash

Kate has some spots. I saw a couple yesterday but they looked like mosquito bites (which wouldn't be surprising. There are a lot of them around and Kate has been playing outside a lot.) but there are a bunch more of them today and they don't look like bites. It might just be a random rash, which isn't unusual for kids. But we're a bit worried it might be chicken pox. We'll know in the morning.

Please, let it be a random rash.


Erika said...

yowza! Well... didn't she have something viral-like last week? That could have been the prodrome to chicken pox )c: Poor missy!

Jocelyn said...

Oh goodness. Make sure to post when you find out.
Come to think of it, Austin had one bump on his ear, and it's been red, but definitely no rashes. I hope it's not, for your sake!!! Thank you so much for keeping us, we were so glad to see you all, if ever so briefly. Good luck, sweet Kate!

Elizabeth said...

If it is chicken pox, post to the AM list. There are always mamas wanting to expose their young kids to it so they get it before the kids start school!

I hope she's not too miserable.