Thursday, December 4, 2008


- Kate's fever seems to be done, but we're still living in phlegm land. Graeme and I are both coming down with it now.
- We saw her eye surgeon this morning and made the decision to do the surgery sooner rather than later. We'll be scheduling it as soon as he can fit us in.
- It's cold here. Cold is relative, of course. But it's going below freezing tonight and we live in a 70+ year old house with single pane windows, no insulation and visible gaps around the front door. At least the furnace is fixed!
- We have a freezer full of chowder and chili, perfectly timed for the cold weather and I don't have to think about dinner. Yay!
- I decided earlier in the week to give up refined sugar until Christmas. Today is day 3. Cravings have yet to cease.


Erika said...

Yuck yuck yuck and YUCK!!!
Cold outside
Cold inside
Colds for all people involved
And to top it off... no refined sugar??? Does that mean no Theraflu for the colds?
I can only think positive thoughts about the chowda'!
Let us know when surgery's scheduled!

Brianna said...

Happy to hear Kate's beginning to feel better. Hope the bug doesn't hit you and Graeme too hard.

cheri said...

glad you'll be getting the surgery over with -- though sorry she needs it at all. keep us posted.

Jonathan said...

Mmmmm, chowder.

Jeff McIsaac said...


Steve Corbin and I are hoping to track you down. Sorry to get hold of you in this way, but it was the best I could think of. Please contact me at jmcisaac at vmptechnologies dot com. Thanks.