Monday, December 8, 2008

The Great Nap Battle

It used to be, what seems a long, long time ago, that Kate went down for her nap quite easily. I would nurse her and she fell asleep and easily transferred to her crib. But sometime last week, that changed and now she wakes up during the transfer and cries. And cries. It's been over 30 minutes and she's still crying. Last week there was one day when it was a very short 7 minutes, but generally it goes on and on. I'm still holding out hope that she exhausts herself (it is a very pathetic cry at this point) and sleep for a few hours.

I'm not a fan of this new nap routine.

We're now at the one hour mark, and she's still crying. A bit more worked up now, so I'm about ready to go in. But then she wins. Sigh. Oh, and now she's quiet. This seems unwinnable.

After 75 minutes, the crying escalated so I went in. Dirty diaper, tear streaked face, blubbering. It was very sad and broke my heart a bit (but only a bit. She needs to sleep!). Now, post snack, she is playing happily. We will soon load into the stroller and go for a looooooong walk.

4 pm, finally asleep in crib. This is very much what happened on Friday afternoon as well, and I hate it. I did the same thing (staying in there, kept laying her back down, etc. etc.) when I was getting her to sleep at night. She never resisted for as long though. I need a stiff drink.


Jennifer Harris said...

Emily falls asleep in the car, so we would just drive around for an hour or so to get her to nap. Still works. To some a "waste" of gas, but to us a preservation of sanity.

Erika said...

Grrr!!! Let me tell you -- I had NO luck trying to get her to nap. And yet... she is OH SO CUTE (see picture from Sunday for confirmation (c: tee hee)

Brianna said...

Oof, nap battles really take it out of me. Here's hoping Kate gives in peacefully to sleep next time.