Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update on Owen

Owen turned eight weeks old yesterday and will be two months old on Monday. It's one of those weird time lapse things where it seems impossible that it's been eight weeks already, but it's also only been eight weeks? Here is a bullet point update on the little guy:

- At our six week check up (which happened at 7.5 weeks) he weighed 14 lbs! Not quite as chunky as his sister was at this age, but he's getting there.
- The last four nights he has slept from about 10:30 or 11 until about 7. Eight hours of sleep in a row is heavenly.
- He's starting to smile, which is totally awesome. The feedback from a newborn in the first six weeks (or so) is all negative. Just crying or not crying. To get some positive feedback makes a huge difference.
- He will take a bottle of breast milk if the source is not available. We'll try to keep that working, since at some point Kate decided that she would rather starve than drink from an evil bottle.
- He is an easier baby than Kate was. We can put him down for the night while he is still awake and after a bit of fussing he will fall asleep. Kate had to be nursed to sleep for months and months. He's also easier during the day. A big part of it is that Kate had reflux so I think she was just uncomfortable a lot of the time. It's very refreshing to have a baby that doesn't constantly barf.

On that lovely note, some photos of our little boy:

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