Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update on Kate

Owen got his update, and so the big sister gets one too. Kate is all kinds of awesome these days, but is also a typical 2.5 year old. Pushing boundaries, slightly defiant and asking 'Why?' about a million times a day. Bullet points for her too? Why the hell not.

- She is still doing great with Owen and loves to hold him and kiss him.
- Swimming lessons started three weeks ago and she loves them. She talks about it all week. Part of the excitement is the two new swimsuits, if I'm being totally honest. But she confidently jumps into the pool (sometimes without letting me know she is about to) and is working on blowing bubbles. Lessons will segue right into the neighbourhood pools opening, so we will be all set for the summer.
- She is pretty much potty trained and only wears diapers for night sleep and nap. We're even diaper free for preschool and errands around town.
- She had her first hair cut this week, although you can't tell. I just trimmed one side of the back where about ten hairs were inches longer than all the rest. Still, big excitement about it.

A photo of our big girl:


Erika said...

Oh my goodness!!! She looks like a totally different girl from the last pics! She's growing so fast!!! WOWZA!

Sheryl said...

Yay for only having one in diapers!

jannie said...

Totally totally precious!!
She's amazing! LOVE her hair in this photo!!
Eager to BE with her again.