Friday, May 7, 2010

My babies

From today:


Ama x three said...

Beth, they are both so precious! I just miss my little guys so much. Been back a week now, and it seems like months. Can't wait for their visit in June. Owen is such a cutie and seems like such a happy baby. The verdict is still out on what little Brennan will be like, but so far, he has been fairly easy except for the usual sleep/eat issues, he is such a sweetie.

Enjoy these beautiful pre-summer days. We may be in for a hot several months.

SIU said...

Yay for new pics! Wow!... look at all that hair on miss Kate!!! (C;

jocelyn said...

wow! they're so cute!! i cant believe kate's curls! and owen is precious. cant wait to meet him!

alex said...

Beth ? ya a mother?

alex mora is puzzled

alex said...

Beth, today i am heading to Jessica's wedding!!!!!!
lets ketchup