Wednesday, October 20, 2010

8 months

Owen turned eight months old yesterday. It's been a big month for development. His personality is really starting to show and he's a happy, flirty, funny, mellow kid. He's learned to bum scoot so now he can get to where he wants to go, although slowly and with a lot of frustration. I predict he will be crawling in some fashion by the next monthly update. He also got a new tooth, which brings him up to five.

He still adores his sister but now that he can get to her and to her stuff, she is slightly less enamoured with him. He also adores food and may soon be eating us out of house and home. He loves the bath, gravel, being outside and eating leaves and his dad.

He's not sleeping through the night - we are usually up twice. We've done some sleep training which has helped, but it may almost be time to make a concerted effort to drop the 2 am feeding. He certainly doesn't need it, since the boy is wearing 18 month clothes.

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Jocelyn said...

He is SOOOOO cute!! I love his head of blonde Beth hair! Bummer about the sleeping... I was hoping you'd have a great report that I could look forward to. Hope it gets better quickly! Can't wait to see him sometime!