Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Date night reports

We haven't stopped date nights, although G ha been away for a few. We have tried a few new places (and went back to Sago because it was so good the first time.)

Two weeks ago we went to DK Sushi, which is a little hole in the wall on Lamar just south of 2222. I've been wanting to try it for awhile and the stars aligned since we were at the DMV office across the street. It was refreshingly casual and mellow. And the food was good. Nothing fancy, just pretty straight up nigiri and rolls. But it was fresh and delicious.

Yesterday, we went to Foreign and Domestic, which I kept hearing about. It's just around the corner from us, so we decided to try it. If you look at the menu at that link, you'll see they are doing the trendy thing of just listing the ingredients but not telling you the preparation method. And, unfortunately, every entree had one thing that didn't sound good to us. We did get a couple of items from the happy hour menu and they were delicious, as was the white wine sangria. But, we didn't see anything else we wanted to try. So, we did what any Austinite would do. We headed from the upscale trendy restaurant to the taco place.

Torchy's just opened a new location near us. It was perfect. Trailer park, trashy. That's more our speed. Great date night.

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Karen said...

Man, I need a good taco from a taco stand. Or a breakfast taco. I plan to have many when I'm there in March/April.