Monday, May 2, 2011

Hell must be cold today

Because I'm writing a blog post. It's been nearly three months, and I'm not quite sure how that happened. Actually, I do. Life has been happening. Fun, busy, child filled life. I am not going to try to write everything, or even any, of what's been going on. I will just say what is going on now. And pictures will soon follow.

- Karen and Henry are visiting right now, although they leave tomorrow. It's been a fun week. We haven't done a lot, mostly hung near home. The boys both nap twice a day and they have fortunately been on a similar schedule. It does mean a lot of tea drinking at home. Which is lovely.
- Owen took his first steps weeks ago but has seemed pretty uninterested in using it as a means of transportation. He's a crazy fast crawler, so I don't blame him. But this weekend he started choosing to walk the small distances between the coffee table and various chairs. Yesterday he took a few steps, stopped and then took a few more. I'm guessing that we have a few more days until he's doing it all the time.
- Kate has been amazing lately. She just gets better and better. We've been figuring out school options for next year. I want her to do a pre-K program since I think she would love it and totally thrive. We were just offered a spot at the UT Child Dev. Center and although it's a whole lot more money than we currently spend on childcare, we're going to try to make it work. It will mean a lot less eating out and being a bit more careful about random purchases at Target.
- Graeme is off in California again. We're half way through his time there. (which also contributed to the lack of posting, I suppose)

Well, that is a good start. Photos and videos coming soon.


Erika said...

Hooray! Welcome back (c; You've been missed. Can't wait for the photos!

Tina Cavanaugh said...
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Sheryl said...

We would practically kill for a spot at the UT CDC! I actually need to call and up-date his form with all the medical stuff, which I haven't done because I think it will bump us down on the list. But they are awesome, I did lots of hours there during school.