Sunday, September 16, 2007

Oh, sweet sleep

Kate eats every three hours, on average. It can be up to four hours, and sometimes as little as two. That's from the start of one feeding to the start of the next. A feeding takes about 45 minutes, total with diaper changes and falling to sleep. So, there is about two hours of sleep for me between feedings. Last night, she fought falling asleep for quite awhile (Graeme got her to sleep (yay!) without resorting to the boob!) and then slept for four hours. FOUR HOURS. SIX hours between feedings. I know it's just an anomoly, but man, it was great. I woke up at 4 am because I had to pee. I checked her, amazed she was still sleeping. I went back to sleep until 5, when the very very full boobs which were leaking all over woke me up. She was starting to stir, so I woke her up to nurse. She ate from one boob and was totally full. I had to pump the other to relieve the engorgement.

So, it was great that she went so long between feedings, but boy, my boobs didn't like it at all.

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scribblefish said...

Beth, don't be so sure it was a one-time thing! Her little stomach is getting bigger. Coincidentally Nick and I were just discussing this last night -- after 3 weeks, Selah began sleeping a minimum of 4 hours, and often 5-6!