Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A good day, a bad night

Today was a fun day. After sleeping til about 10, we all (Kate, Westley and I) headed off to Central Market. Of course, since we got up at 10, we didn't really head out until noon, because nothing happens quickly around here these days when you have to feed everyone, and one of those people takes about an hour to eat. Anyway, we walked to CM, I picked up a few groceries, and then we headed for a shady picnic table. Westley wandered around and chased the squirrels, Kate nursed, and I ate take out sushi. It was very lovely. It's too bad Graeme didn't play hooky and come with us.

Then this afternoon, Kate and I went to our first post-natal yoga class. I didn't do much yoga, since she decided to nurse through most of the class, or if she wasn't nursing, she insisted on being held. But it was great to be back to yoga and we'll go again next week.

That good day followed a pretty shitty night. Kate had terrible gas and screamed for what seemed like hours (it was really onely one hour). I don't think it's related to milk anymore, since her good and bad days seem totally random. We'll keep trying things, but I don't think it's the milk. Hopefully tonight goes better.

I'll try to get some new pictures up tomorrow.

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Karen said...

I know what it is: she's a first reyburn baby. It's what they do. Just ask Emily. I tried to figure it out with her, and it wasn't anything. Eventually, the gas just stopped. - at about 2 months old. I used to think that my breathing gave her gas :)