Monday, June 2, 2008

Another day at the pool

On Saturday we loaded up the bikes again and headed back to Deep Eddy pool. As soon as we got down by the pool Kate got very excited. She knew where she was. We went swimming, and then hung out on the grass for awhile. She loved having some outside naked time, since she doesn't get that often enough (way too many mosquitos at our house).

Here she is in her floating toy (thanks to the Andersons for it. Kate loves it.):

Playing with her most favourite toy, her mum:


Happy baby:


Shan said...

That last picture is the cutest thing ever!

Erika said...

Ya know, I keep coming back and coming back and darn it all... I'm STILL in love! (C: (you should seen the number of people's computer's I've hacked so I could get out of the hospital firewall to show them this photo!)

Sheryl said...

Look at those teeth!