Monday, June 9, 2008

A newsy post

I haven't posted in a bunch of days, and lots has happened. Let's see. What all is going on?

On Thursday, Kate had a pediatrician's appointment for her 9 month check up. It was our seventh visit with this doctor, and for the sixth time we waited for more than an hour. (The other one was a mere 45 minutes.) We left after 1 hr 10 minutes before seeing the doctor. I explained to the nurse, who felt very badly. I assured her it wasn't her fault at all, but that it wasn't an isolated incident and that we were leaving. So, now we have to find a new doctor.

Graeme left for California on Sunday morning. He's there for a conference and will be back on Thursday.

Kate has her first fever. 102, but holding steady since early afternoon. No other symptoms - no congestion or cough, good appetite, playing as usual. Maybe a bit clingier, but really nothing other than hot. I hoping that she'll wake up fine and it's just some weirdness.

I guess that's most of the news, or at least the not boring part.


Jocelyn said...

That's ridiculous! Good for you! Children are freaked out enough in the dr office without spending their entire day there. Good luck finding a new one, I'm sure it won't be too hard!!

David said...

no, the good luck is finding a doctor that won't keep you waiting. I have 3 kids and have waited an hour for most every appointment!! Don't you know their time is much more valuable than yours, silly girl.