Monday, June 23, 2008

In Telluride

We arrived in Telluride yesterday just before noon. The town was still chock full of bluegrass festival goers, which made the scene even more hippy than usual. We found out that our condo (condo!) wasn't cleaned yet, so we parked the car and headed to the pizza place for a bit of lunch. While we were sitting on their porch, the lightening and thunder started and before long the skies opened up. It wasn't rain, but it wasn't hail. It was big clumps of really wet snow that melted within a few seconds of hitting the ground. I hadn't seen anything quite like that before.

Post lunch, we stopped at the grocery store for a few supplies before heading back to the condo. (Condo!) Last year when we were here we had hotel room right near the base of the gondola. The location was great, but the room was nothing to blog about. But the condo! is great. Two bedrooms on the lower floor and then the living room/kitchen/dining room on the top floor. And a baby gate already installed at the top of the stairs. It's really nice. Not so close to everything, but there is a nice path along the river to take to get to everything.

After hanging out for a few hours in the condo, we headed back toward the center of things. I wanted to go to the library to try to find some knitting patterns. (the ones I brought aren't quite right for the yarn I brought. Ooops.) The library is new and quite lovely and had a very large selection of knitting books. I photocopied a bunch of patterns and we headed back to main street to hear a bit of the music. We sat in the grass and did some dancing before deciding on an early dinner at the brew pub.

(view from the kitchen window)

Kate headed to bed around 8:30 and Graeme and I enjoyed hanging out in the living room. But then came the worst night ever. I was up with Kate at 10:30, 12:30, 1:30, 3, 4, 5. At 5:15 I sent Graeme in to snuggle with her. At 5:30 I went back in and spent the rest of the night (til 8:30) sleeping with her. At 5:30 I gave her some tylenol because she was crying as if something was definitely wrong (not just tired) and I thought she might have a headache from the altitude. I think now that she might have been cold on her own as well. We will try to make her warmer tonight and see what happens. Unfortunately, she's gotten used to me sleeping with her for the early morning hours since that has happened the past few nights. Not a good habit.

She is now playing on the carpet with her books and eating some Cherios, acting as though nothing happened. While I feel like the living dead.

But here is a view from our front door:

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