Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bike trip day two

Day 2: Amsterdam to Gouda

Everything looks better in the morning. The night before we were exhausted and had even talked about taking the bikes on the train for part of the trip to Gouda, but after an amazing breakfast at the hotel we set off south out of a-dam.

Once we cleared the suburbs, we were really glad we had gotten on the bikes. The scenery was beautiful. We followed the river amstel which was much less affluent than the vecht. Small houses, lots of farms and houseboats.

We also rode on some very narrow paths and in between canals so that we were surrounded by water, even sometimes below the water level in the canal next to us. It is hard to describe just how much water there was. In the towns it is as though every house is on an island just slightly larger than the house. Essentially, everyone has a moat. There were cows, sheep and horses everywhere. Then we reached the nurseries. Greenhouses and fields growing house and garden plants for the world.

We again got into Gouda pretty late and our hotel was on the edge of town so we decided to eat at the hotel and to explore the town in the morning since we would be biking through on our way to Dordrecht.

Day 3: Gouda to Dordrecht

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