Thursday, August 27, 2009

What is happening 'round these parts

Perhaps you think I had some sort of exam at the midwife by that strange title. Nope, I guess I'm just feeling a bit southern today. We had a lovely thunderstorm this afternoon that gave us real, actual rain. We've had a tiny bit of rain the last two nights, but not enough to even hit the ground underneath the pecan trees. But this afternoon it was real rain for more than half an hour. Now it's crazy humid, so maybe that's where the southern twang came from.

But what is happening around here? I went to prenatal yoga for the first time this pregnancy. I went at least weekly last time and really enjoyed it. Today was great. I was reminded of how lovely it is to be in a room full of pregnant women. I am going to go twice a week. This Thursday morning class is taught by my favourite instructor. Going to this class depends on help from some friends, so I'm really hoping it works out ok for everyone.

We have officially started potty training. Three times this week during her frequent naked time, Kate has declared she has to pee and has run off to her potty and done the deed. I have made no effort so far, but I knew I had to follow her lead. Yesterday I got some M&Ms as bribes and today I bought some big girl panties. (Actually, big boy panties because I refused to buy princess or Dora panties.) So far, we have only had one accident but it followed a very bad head bonk. We were snuggling and she peed on both of us. Oh well, we'll try again tomorrow.

I guess that's the main news. I'm sure there will be exciting pee related updates soon.

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Erika said...

You go girl! That's a big step (C; (now... you don't really mean "M&Ms" do you? You meant "all natural sugar and colour free M's" (c; tee hee)