Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where in the world are the Henkelman/Reyburns?

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Maybe you are wondering if fell off the planet.  Nope, we just fell slightly below sea level.  We are in the midst of our bike trip around holland.  We have been biking for three days and have two more to go. (well, we're done now. but I wrote this a few days ago.)

Day 1:  Utrecht to Amsterdam
We started on Friday morning just outside of Utrecht and headed for Amsterdam.  It was a relatively long day- 60 km, which isn't that far unless you are on very heavy bikes and stop all the time for snacks or to check the map or to have lunch or...  We rode alongside the river Vecht, which is lined by beautiful estates and full of people boating.  It was a lovely ride (until the last 10 or 15 km when we were getting close to a-dam and it got busy and less rural.)

We didn't arrive at our hotel until quite late but we really wanted to go into the city for dinner so we headed in.  We found some Indonesian food and wandered a little bit before Kate started to melt and we had to get her back to the hotel for bed.

We were pretty tired but we also knew that the next few days would be easier as we were figuring out the system of bike routes and wouldn't need to stop so often to check the map.  

Day 2:  Amsterdam to Gouda.

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