Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Beginning of the End

Rolling over is probably only a few weeks away:


Jannie said...

Ohh YES!! Can't wait. The fun has begun.
And I notice she is droooollling. Watch out Beth,
Next thing you'll feel is how very sharp those little teeth are. Oh she's just so gorgeous. Her beautiful eyes are full of intention and energy! This is so exciting!! CANNOT wait to hold her for a loooong
long time.

Anonymous said...

Check out the DROOL!!! She must have gotten some Chesterton genes (C:

Sheryl said...

Great pictures :-P It's not really the beginning of the end until she starts crawling, that's when things really change. You can still contain them when they just role.

Karen said...

Yeah, and you can contain them until they decide to climb over the SIDE of a full adult size rocking chair and every dining room chair in the house until you are forced to keep your dining room chairs on top of your dining room table except for when you're actually sitting on them. Sigh.