Friday, December 7, 2007


It's Friday! It's the last day of lectures at UT, so Graeme is pretty excited to be done lecturing for about 6 weeks. We should have a celebration this evening, although I have nothing planned yet.

It's been a good week. We got lots done, and Kate has been great. She's getting more and more fun, just like everyone said would happen around the three month mark.

I gave a way a large portion of the baking, and the rest will disappear on Saturday night when Graeme's research group comes over for the christmas/holiday party. We're going to make fajitas, one of our specialties.

We're hoping to have the party outside, which means raking tomorrow. I have a good excuse for not getting it done (other than taking care of a baby). If I had raked them earlier in the week, we just would have had to do it again, since leaves are still falling.

Pictures make this count as a real blog post, right? Hope so, because I crossed that off the list.
- Rake the yards (need leaf bags)
- Walk with Mamas both Tuesday and Thursday
- Baking. Lots of it. I bought 4 lbs of butter. I hope that's enough.
- Hang Christmas lights
- Vacuum
- Knitting (Two gifts to finish)
- Red tent meal delivery on Thursday
- Write a real blog post


Karen said...

Give me a map of what you baked there. I recognize the bishop's hats of course, and I think Nanaimo bars? What else is there?

little b said...

Back row is Nanaimo bars, Butterscotch Confetti and Hello Dollies. Middle is Twix bars, lemon square and brownies (not cut). Front is Caramel Pecan Cookies, and Bishop's Hats. There was also a tray of shortbread, but that didn't fit on the baking table.

jocelyn said...

OMG! You could open your own bake store! You have a 3 month old??? I am super impressed!