Monday, December 3, 2007

Pretty productive day

We've had a pretty productive day around here. After the morning walk that included a stop at the post office, Kate and I headed out to do a bunch of short errands around town. Errands in the morning work great because she usually has a long nap about two hours after waking up for the day. We came home for lunch, did some cleaning up and hung a few christmas decorations before heading to the grocery store with the stroller and dog to get all the needed stuff for the holiday baking. Somewhere in there I also washed the bedding and a load of diapers and did some vacuuming. Phew.

I have a list of things I want to accomplish this week. Here's what's on my list:
- Rake the yards (need leaf bags)
- Walk with Mamas both Tuesday and Thursday
- Baking. Lots of it. I bought 4 lbs of butter. I hope that's enough.
- Hang Christmas lights
- Vacuum
- Knitting (Two gifts to finish)
- Red tent meal delivery on Thursday

I think I'm forgetting something.

If I had a current day planner I wouldn't have to subject you to the list. Alas, the one I have starts in January, so you are subject to my list this week. Boring blogging, I know. Maybe i should add 'Write decent blog posts' to the list.

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