Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another tooth!

Tooth number two has officially appeared. A tiny bit of it was palpable yesterday, but now it's visible, just one week after the first one sprouted.

And, despite early exaggerated reports of her rolling, Kate is now an official roller. Both directions, no help from us, pulling her knees up underneath her in an early attempt at crawling.

And (again!) she is a veggie eating machine. Tonight was carrots. She could eat most of a jar if I let her. Instead, she gets about a third of a jar and loves it. Same for sweet potatoes and squash. Rice cereal, on the other hand, she hates. We're going to try barley cereal instead. Maybe that will suit her tastes better.

All this excitement means no "what's cooking wednesday". ok, that's just an excuse. I just didn't feel like cooking tonight. Maybe I'll do a late entry tomorrow if I'm feeling inspired.


Erika said...

What'ya mean no WCW -- you just told us, we're having carrots, and squash, and barley cereal (C:

david VDB said...

don't turn her orange.