Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Graeme is home!

Graeme got home about an hour ago. Yay! It's so nice to have him home, not least because I feel like I've been hit by a truck. I seldom get sick, but every two years or so I get a cold. And I have one now. Not snotty, but it hurts to swallow and my head feels heavy and wooly. I don't know if Kate has it due to the lack of obvious symptoms, but she slept badly last night and had a 3 hour nap today (I slept with her for 2.5 hours of it). We're going to go for a walk in the sun since the dog has been totally neglected today and then I might sleep again. I could sleep all day, I think.

No What's cooking Wednesday today. We'll probably just grill something and have lots of veggies with it. If I'm feeling better tomorrow, I'll try something new, otherwise I'll just call it a wash.

Anyone have any home remedies for colds they would like to share? Honey? Ginger? Lemon? All of the above?


Anonymous said...

They say Zinc is good!

Karen said...

My neti pot you gave me is keeping my head above water (so to speak) with the sinuses. If I didn't have that I'd be down and out for sure. I'm sure you're already using yours though. Aside from that, I don't have any advice. I drink a lot of tea but that is more for comfort than anything else.

ada said...

Katja's antidote is swallowing whole cloves of garlic-- maybe if you're up for it! and totally lots & lots of ginger. I forget, Beth-- do you have a juicer? Over the xmas holidays, we started juicing meyer lemons with lots of ginger-- that'll wake your sinuses up!!
Hope you feel better soon!!

Matt and Heather said...

Emergen-C packets woman!! maybe not too many b/c of bf'ing, but at least one a day. Matt and I swear by them.