Monday, February 4, 2008

What the pediatrician doesn't know...

Most sources say you should introduce food to babies by first giving them rice cereal, then bananas, sweet potatoes and carrots. I found one source that suggests meat early on. But most do not. But most didn't ask Graeme his opinion.

We had steak for dinner last night, and once again Kate was sitting on my lap while I was eating. She grabbed for my fork with a piece of steak on it, so I let her have it. She just sucked on it for a good five minutes. She loved it. Eventually she dropped it and Westley was there waiting. They have forged a new relationship.

Kate needed a bath afterwards.

Today I bought some rice cereal and bananas. And plastic bibs.


Karen said...

The blood drops on your hand really add to the photo. What a carnivore.

Anonymous said...

Must be her papa's daughta' when it comes to the tastebuds! Attagirl (C: