Friday, March 21, 2008

Seven months and the worst night ever

Yesterday Kate turned seven months old. It seems a big step when your baby is more than half a year. Not such a wee one anymore. (Not that she's been wee for awhile now. 20 lbs 10 oz at her 6 month check up.) To commemorate her big day, she had the worst night ever last night. For the first time she had me near tears. Even in the first difficult weeks that didn't happen. It started around 2 am, and until 6 she wouldn't sleep unless I was holding her. She would wake up and fuss if I put her in her crib. Her nose was a bit stuffy, and it really seemed like something was bothering her. At 5:30 I finally got Graeme up (that was when the tears were coming) and we gave her some Tylenol and brought her to bed with us. She slept until 8. So, I got about 4.5 hours sleep last night.

But then she does this, and how can you be mad at her?

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scribblefish said...

Ha! We have the identical laundry basket. Adorable photo.