Monday, March 31, 2008

Coming up for breath

It's been awhile since I posted, and I blame it on extreme tiredness. Kate is still not sleeping very well, although it's gotten better since The Worst Night Yet. I have a new theory that it's gas related. She has been farting a lot so we're going to cut out solid food for a few days and see if her sleep improves. If there is a noticeable difference, we'll add food back in slowly. Maybe we just introduced too much too fast for her developing digestive system.

We have had a good week, other than being tired. We were busy with play dates, walks, work, more walks and play. Kate has been making attempts at moving around, although she gets more frustrated than anything else. But she's starting to make some progress. We'll work on it a lot this week.

As a penance for not posting for more than a week, I give you a montage of Kate called "I want that camera".

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Erika said...

Just getting caught up after a week away. She's GORGEOUS!!! Okay... not so good at sleeping... but wonderful all the same (c: I LOVE the rolls and rolls of her (and yes, her breasts may actually shrink with age with two skinny-arsed parents... tee hee)