Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ah, right, the pregnancy

I started this blog way back almost three years ago when I was pregnant with Kate. I took weekly belly photos and reported on how things were going. Reading the blog now, you would never know that I'm 18 weeks pregnant. But, here we are. If this baby comes early like Kate did (unlikely, I know) then this would be half way. But, since it won't, I'm a few weeks from the half way mark.

This pregnancy seems to be going much faster, likely because I am distracted by a two year old who demands my attention most of the time. But, I am definitely showing now and next week we get a pronoun for the baby, which will be very nice. Calling it 'it' just never feels right. See, how that didn't feel right?

I'm feeling great. No complaints at all. They will come though, don't you worry.

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