Monday, September 28, 2009

A Boy!

Yep, we're having a boy. We had our mid-term ultrasound this morning and everything is perfect. The right number of fingers and toes, a properly developed and function heart, kidneys, etc. And boy parts. Distinct, obvious boy parts. Of course, I knew I might have a boy, but I guess I never believed I would. I only have a sister and my mom only had a sister and my sister has two daughters. See, girls. Just girls. And now a boy. Either his sister and cousins will pick on him, or spoil him rotten. Probably both.

Even though it's pretty surreal, we're of course, very excited.


Ama x 2 said...

Congratulations! Baby boys are really pretty neat!

Jocelyn said...

Kelly wants to know if you'd like a second boy. We have one already three years old! Congrats - baby boys are fun!!

Shan said...