Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wonky eye surgery #2

Kate had a check up with the opthamologist today. Maybe you remember that she had eye surgery seven months ago to correct her crazy wonky eye. Or maybe you don't. But, either way, although it was much, much better after the surgery, it's not totally better. It still wanders off, especially when she is tired. So, we had it checked today and the surgeon recommends we do the surgery again to correct it all the way. We have it booked for Oct 15th, which is only two weeks away.

It's much less stressful this time since we know how it works and that Kate responds well to the whole thing. She was back to her normal self later in the day after the first surgery, and I expect it will be the same this time.

Thank (insert diety of choice here) for insurance.

Phew, crazy week around here.


Erika said...

It's all about the versed (C:

oma said...

I think Erika will be with you on this date.
How good. We don't want Kate to keep her 'wonky' eye, but, I will say, her wandering eye is part of her being 'special' and unique!! Esp. when tired! LOVE HER SO MUCH. Trusting all will go perfectly.

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