Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kate's new room

Well, it's not new, it's just rearranged. This weekend we finally found a set of good bunk beds on Craigslist. We've been looking for awhile and last weekend we even went to a couple of furniture stores and looked at new ones. That convinced us to wait until we could find a used set. And we did! And they are great. We realized that it's furniture we're going to have for 18 years, so we'd better like it and it should be good quality. And it is. And we do.

We set up only one bed and the second one (they stack) is stored in the attic until we need it. I headed off to Target for bedding while Graeme and Kate set up the bed. I'm really happy with it, and Kate seems to love it.

Pictures of every angle:

The proud owner of a big girl bed:


Oma said...

Oh Oh does this being back memories or what?
And, in our family, it was Grae who was 'moving in' to occupy the crib!
LOVE the room!! LOVE all the colours and life and fun!
And the big girl on the bed too of course!
Just love how you wasted no time, went off to get sheets and set the whole thing up - today. LOVE IT

Heather D said...

Her room looks so great, Beth! And she is gorgeous. Where did you get her little table and chair set? I've been looking for one for Nora forever . . . spill it!

little b said...

Heather, the table and chairs are the cheapest set at Ikea. They come unfinished and they are solid wood. I used Ikea's water based stain which comes in three or four colours. The table and chairs together was $40, I think.