Saturday, January 30, 2010

Time shift

This pregnancy has gone by crazy fast - much faster than when I was pregnant with Kate. Most of that is because you just can't focus as much on a pregnancy when you have a two year old demanding attention. But that changed mid-week and now it's crawling along. Mid-week marked the point in my first pregnancy that I gave birth. I am now more pregnant than I ever was that time. And having a first baby early moves the due date in your head, or at least it does in mine. Now every day seems slow and the weeks are set to crawl by. The due date is still three weeks away, but every morning I wonder 'Maybe today?'. I've had irregular but frequent contractions but nothing ever comes of it. I know that eventually something will come of it, but until then I've become a horribly impatient pregnant woman. I was very zen about my due date with Kate - fully expecting and prepared to go late. Then she came 3.5 weeks early. I don't know how to get into that mental state this time. Any suggestions?

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Megan My Dear said...

go do things you won't be able to do for awhile once he comes- the movies, dinner at a restaurant, etc. In vest in babysitters while you only have one! :)