Friday, January 8, 2010

Yikes, stuff to do!

I suddenly had the realization today that there is some stuff to do to get ready for this baby's arrival. It is so different than when we were waiting on Kate when things were done well in advance. Not this time. I do have clothes (thanks, Sheryl!) but no where to put them. And no diapers (or sense of how big my cloth diaper stash is for a wee one) or a change table set up in our room. Kate and I might be making a trip to IKEA tomorrow.

It's so boring, but I need to see the list, so just ignore it if you don't care.

What some of what needs to be done:
- set up changing area in our room
- get a dresser for the closet in Kate's room and organize both kid's clothes
- buy small diapers and wash/organize cloth diapers
- find a bag to use as a diaper bag for two kids
- finalize plan for Kate's care during labour/delivery
- fill freezer with meals


nitrile exam gloves said...

Those are great list.. so i guess you better get all of them.. :)

DrRuth said...

I hope you are going to let us help out with the last list item...