Sunday, June 10, 2007

Nesting? Who, me? (plus belly shot)

Last week I organized the closet in Baby Texan's room, and I've also done some other decorating/organizing. Cleary, in the first picture, you can see that the crown molding is still not up. And there is no crib bedding yet, so I'm obviously not in FULL nesting mode. I haven't started doing the laundry, for example (although there is a pile to be done.)

The closet, with explanatory labels.

And the belly this morning:


ada said...

beth, it's so cute! i love the colours, esp the green. is that a desk in the room too? and the chair looks very comfortable.

little b said...

Yes, there is a desk, which will be transformed into a change table. The room is very cozy now, i think it was the rug that made the most difference. Now I have to remember to keep the door closed because Westley likes to sleep in there.

Karen said...

You belly is great! It's really getting large... Can't wait to see you in just 3 weeks!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful Beth! (and yes... the room is nice too) (c; -- looks like a great place to spend some nights with the munchkin.