Sunday, June 3, 2007

Wedding photos

I have a whole bunch of photos from our trip out west last weekend, and blogger has a limit on how many pictures you can put in a post, so I'm going to divide them up a bit. Look later on today for another photo post. We'll start with wedding specific photos.

The wedding was held at Mountain Home Lodge, which is up 1000' above the town of Leavenworth with an amazing view over the Icicle valley:

The whole lodge was for the wedding, and it was really nice to just have friends around - even those you didn't know yet. The lodge has 12 rooms and a few cabins, so the wedding party and a few extra friends (including us!) got rooms up in the lodge. Other guests stayed at home, and shuttles were run between the hotels and the lodge to keep people from having to drive up and down the narrow steep road. We were given 'the ranch' room, since it had a bit of a Texas theme.

The wedding was held on Sunday afternoon, and except for some wind, the conditions couldn't have been more perfect.

The ceremony was performed by Kelly, and it was quite short and very lovely. How can it not be when it's held with a background like this?


fatwonkkid said...

i don't know much about seattle, but i hear the weather is usually crappy. i would think with that stereotype, an outdoor wedding is rather ballsy.

little b said...

The wedding wasn't in Seattle - it was over in Leavenworth on the east (dry) side of the mountians. It was raining in Seattle on the day of the wedding, actually.

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Absolutely GORGEOUS! I'd move there in a heartbeat (c;