Saturday, April 26, 2008

A tragedy

Of dachshund proportions.

Today we went to watch the Weiner Dog Races in Buda. It was amazing. More than 600 dogs were registered to race and there were little dogs everywhere. It was a sight to see.

We watched about 10 or 12 heats, each one with seven dogs. When they opened the gates, a few dogs would come charging out, leading the others to chase, but often one dog would get distracted by all the noise and just mill around near the start line, requiring an official to pick him up and take him close enough to the finish line to see his owner. Usually from there he could have a glorious finish.

As great as watching those little legs run was watching the antics of the owners trying to convince their dogs to run run run. They had squeaky toys, treats, the whole deal.

The tragedy? I forgot the camera.


Karen said...

Damn, that suck about the camera. That would have been great to see. Any other of those quirky Texas events on when we're there? The girls would love it!

Shan said...

I'm with Karen, it would have been great to see.

Anonymous said...

Beth, just LOVE your story!! Soo funny. I LOVE watching dog races. Does Grae remember going to the Royal Winter Fair to see these?
What I esp. want to say is this - your blog is not only
a great story, entertaining, funny, and easy to imagine: it is also VERY well written. It's a piece to put into some magazine or paper. I love the title!! and you've saved the punch line to THE very end!! SSoo good.

Anonymous said...