Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday, my lovely Kate

My dearest Kate,
Today you turn one year old. It's been an amazing year, full of laughter, crying and new adventures. You have made our lives better and fuller in a multitude of ways. You are the best, and most challenging, thing we've ever done. I love you more than you'll ever be able to understand. You have taught me so much, and I'm looking forward to all our future adventures.

Love Mummy

brand new:

one month:

two months:

three months:

four months:

five months:

six months:

seven months:

eight months:

nine months:

ten months:

eleven months:

one year:


Jocelyn said...

Happy birthday Kate! It's so amazing to see how much change there is in 1 short year!

jannie said...

Happy Birthday to our most precious Kate!!
The 12 photos you picked Beth are fabulous choices.
I do love that 1 yr. picture as it shows all of her newly
come teeth - and she is positively adorable. Wish I
could hold and cuddle her - and play in the water too.
We'd both like that.
Hugs all 'round.

cheri said...

happy happy birthday, Kate!!!