Monday, August 4, 2008

Too hot

The forecast high for today is 104F. That's too damn hot. Yesterday it was 103. I was going to load Kate into the bike trailer after her nap to go to the pool downtown (the one across the street is closed on Mondays) but it's too hot to have her in the trailer for 30 minutes each way. Sigh. I guess we're staying inside this afternoon.

But, as usual, we're looking forward to the tropical storm in the gulf. That's the difference between Austin and the coast. To them the storms are dangerous. To us, they are much needed rain.


Sheryl said...

Yes, anything over about 95 is too hot. Being in the water helps though.

Jennifer Harris said...

Finally!! Something I can say HA HA to you Austin people about. Because we're closer to the coast San Antonio has stayed at least 5 degrees cooler than Austin.